Where are we? Who, then, are we?

Where are we? Who, then, are we? Vlatka Horvat seems to suggest that our identity is fragmented and camouflaged by staying in the typical non-places of our everyday live.

Source: Vlatka Horvat

Playful disarticulated Anatomies

Annette Messager, Articulés-désarticulés, 2002

Annette Messager, Mes Voeux, 1995

Froggy's Delight

Decorative Anatomy

Nicolás Lamas arises constantly in a state of "laterality" and separation, of voluntary permanent misunderstanding. A discourse about science, its object (Nature), the language that him describes, the contexts, with an obvious attraction to decorative solutions.

Source: Nicolás Lamas, http://nicolaslamas.blogspot.com/ http://www.museiscientificiroma.eu/artesanitaria/percorso_01.htm

Free Wires

Maurizio Anzeri draws found family pictures with colorful embroidered threads to create tribal masks on the faces. In this way the expressions seem to buy a strange distance. To reflect well, the decorative embroidery are, despite appearances and visual conventions, more real than the photographic images and almost libering signs for frozen identities.

Source: Maurizio Anzeri