It is impossible to see them all simultaneously

The human face is really like one of those Oriental gods: a whole group of faces juxtaposed on different planes; it is impossible to see them all simultaneously... Renato Roque quotes Marcel Proust. Who lived at the time of Nadar, the photographer whose portraits were particularly expressive because done with slow shutter speeds, therefore in a single photo many faces of one person were superimposed. In pictures by Renato Roque we see many faces of many different people. Why today it is impossible to see them all simultaneously?

Source: Renato Roque

Identity as Rebus

Enrico Piras usually works with very light hand. These collages have the appeal of a rebus and, at the same time, of dark void of the space: the enigma of a fluctuating identity.

Background or Figure: Who are we?

Source: Chantal Rens

Subversive Sweaters

Source: Freddie Robins

Ein lustiger Face-generator


Corpus 2.0

Corpus 2.0 is a version of the human body influenced by factors like
developments in technology, but also fashion phenomena, lifestyles and
Corpus 2.0 is looking for possibilities of a new functional designed body
and gives potential directions. The question is, if good design can
remain as it is and how the human body will adapt to this.

If we look back into the history of evolution, we see that our body adapts to changing circumstances. Today we see that these circumstances often adapt to our body. In this case the design is usually reacting on the individual needs and less on surviving.

Noseslope: is the adaption by wearing glasses. If design will react on this, new forms of glasses can exist

Shoulderholder: Shows the possibilities of wireless technology and being mobile. Since then we can do a lot of things at the same time, for example calling and driving at the same time. The shoulderholder will work as a third hand.

Headphone-ear: Maybe there will be only one form of the headphone on the market. For people who want to be connected with music all day, the ear will adapt to its form.

High-heel foot: Also way of living is getting in to our body. With these feet a women can feel confident all day.

Smokinghole: Smokers will get this hole in their mouth because it is their friend. Since it is a problem of society, smokers can recognize each other and feel kind of connected.

Touch-it thumb: It’s about technology which is concentrated on the thumb, like text messaging, car-keys, television, computer games. It is already said that in three generations the thumb will be bigger and stronger.

Source: Marcia Nolte