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La invención de Morel

La invención de Morel (1940) — translated as The Invention of Morel or Morel's Invention — is a science fiction novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares.
Octavio Paz said: "The Invention of Morel may be described, without exaggeration, as a perfect novel."
The Invention of Morel is a 1974 science fiction film directed by Emidio Greco and based on the novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares.

A fugitive starts a diary after tourists arrive on the desert island where he is hiding. He retreats to the swamps while they take over the museum on top of the hill where he used to live. Through his diary we learn that the fugitive is a writer from Venezuela sentenced to life in prison.
Among the tourists is a woman who sees the sunset everyday from the cliff on the west side of the island. He spies on her and while doing so falls in love with her. Morel calls her Faustine. The fugitive decides to approach her, but she does not react to him. He assumes she is ignoring him, but his encounters with the other tourists have the same result. Nobody on the island notices him.
As suddenly as they appeared, the tourists vanish. The fugitive returns to the museum to investigate and finds no evidence of people being there during his absence. He attributes the experience to a hallucination caused by food poisoning, but the tourists reappear that night. They have come out of nowhere and yet they talk as if they have been there for a while. He watches them closely while still avoiding direct contact and notices more strange things. In the aquarium he encounters identical copies of the dead fish he found on his day of arrival. During a day at the pool, he sees the tourists jump to shake off the cold when the heat is unbearable.
He finds out the truth when Morel tells the tourists he has been recording their actions of the past week with a machine of his invention capable of reproducing reality. He claims the recording will capture their souls, and through looping they will relive that week forever.
The fugitive learns how to operate the machine and inserts himself into the recording so it looks like he and Faustine are in love.
On the diary's final entry the fugitive describes how he is waiting for his soul to pass onto the recording while dying...

Source: Wikipedia: The Invention of Morel

Fragmentation of the Individual

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Antonio Rezza, Suppietij, 1991

Antonio Rezza, Handiccapato, 1993

Antonio Rezza, Hai mangiato?, 1996

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Everyone deserves more outlets for Sexual Energy

Source: Matthew Barney: Cremaster, Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint, Björk: Drawing Restraint

My beloved Uncle Joe

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Oh, my lovely Bunny! Yes, beloved Pig!

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Living Organs for Industry

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Funny psychedelic Mythologies

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Tribal Collages

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Between Art and Artifice: calligraphic Masks and graphic Overlays

Source: Galerie Vallois: Laura Lima, Art Lovers Newyork