The Insect Cameraman

Ladislaw Starewicz (1882-1965), born in Russia from Polish parents was a stop-motion animator who used insects and animals as his protagonists. Biologist, in 1920 he became director of the Natural History Museum in Kaunas. Inspired by the work of Emile Cohl he began producing nature documentaries about the lives of insects, experimenting with the use of live insects at first and then the animation of small articulated puppets created with the carcasses of dead insects.

The work of filmmaker and animator will accompany him throughout life, always influenced by his interest in the animals world and especially of the insects - also mediated through cultural references such as Aesop or the Roman de Renard - and a certain taste for the magics and dark humor. Important author, had a great influence on the cinema of animation following up to authors such as Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton.