A tender Gulliver

Ron Mueck, Mask II, 2000

Ron Mueck, Mother and Baby, 2001

Ron Mueck, Boy, 1999

Ron Mueck, A Girl, 2006

Born in Australia 1958 – his german parents were toy makers – Ron Mueck lives in London.
He labored until 1997 on children’s television shows and as special effects artist for films as "Labyrinth", a 1986 fantasy epic starring David Bowie, and the Jim Henson series "The Storyteller".
As fine artist he debuted only in 1997 with the collective show "Sensations: Works of art from the Saatchi Collection" to the Royal Accademy in London.

His works are in fiberglass and silicone made naked, enormous, impressive realistic figures – men and women of every age. The great competence in the realization of these figures, of course, originates to Ron Mueck from his profession and here, with their gigantism, acquires rhetorical significance, she stands as monument to reality of the feel, to feeling of life, to inkling and to fear of what awaits us in our crossing of the existence.
Nude people, staged in the moment of greatest vulnerability and loneliness, that in which something maybe not unexpected comes and we realize that this event of existence involves us, just us and now. This is the moment of the awareness.
All these people look something, the focus of this look is a completely mental, emotional.
From birth to death, through puberty, maturity, illness, old age. Sometimes with anger, almost always with troubled acceptance (a physical availability also of the body, almost an offering of the body), with a strange lack of wonder, therefore it was so ... So represents them the sympathetic humanity of Ron Mueck, with the tender irony that portrays the greatest vulnerability as gigantic and monumental figures.

Images source: Wikipedia, Tiscali Photogallery