Tender Creatures

Patricia Piccinini, The Embrace

Patricia Piccinini, Hector (on carpet), 2006

Patricia Piccinini, Undivided, 2004

Patricia Piccinini, Nest, 2006

In Another Life is all about possibilities. In another life it would be different, we might say, in another life it might be better, or perhaps worse, in another life we could get it right. In imagining another life we can remake the world as we would prefer, we can create a perfect life without having to see whether it would actually work, we can just trust that it would all turn out.
The danger here is to confuse creation with control. Just because we can create and manipulate things does not necessarily mean that we can control our creations. Anyone who dabbles in creation would do well to remember that as soon as something exists we begin to lose our grip on it. For me this freedom is a beautiful thing. When I make a work it means a certain thing to me, and I hope that, to a certain extent, it might communicate that thing to others. Once it is out in the world, its meanings and images begin to proliferate. I have seen the same work used to illustrate both sides of an argument, which I see as a valuable independence from my own opinions. I like this, even though it is and not always in ways that I would prefer.

Patricia Piccinini

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